Wednesday, 24 September 2014

10 Facts about Hungary

1. Hungary is home to around 10 million people

2. Hungary is landlocked. However, don't be fooled in thinking that it lacks any notable water. It is home to Lake Balaton - the largest in central Europe.

3. Hungary borders Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia

4. Like neighbouring countries, Hungary was part of the Celtic world, then the Roman Empire. Following the fall of Rome, the Huns settled in and gave their name to Hungary

5. Hungary is one the oldest countries in Europe. It was founded in 896

6. Hungarian language is known as Mayar. It is a direct descendent of the language spoken by the Huns, and is therefore only one the of the handful of languages spoken within the European Union that are not of Indo-European origin

7. After centuries as a powerful medieval kingdom, Hungary was part of the Ottoman and Habsburg empires from the 16th century onwards, emerging as an independent country again after World War I

8. Hungary has the highest standard VAT rate in the world at an astounding 27%

9. Hungarian, Erno Rubik, invented the Rubik's cube

10. As of 2007, 13 Hungarians have won the Nobel Prize

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


So you've landed on our blog, seen the title, and you're still asking yourselves what on earth is Puszta?

Well, the wait is over...

Monday, 15 September 2014

Blogging Party at the Gay Hussar

Last night, a host of hungry yelpers descended on Gay Hussar for a night of feasting and drinking the best that Hungary has to offer.

Proceedings kicked off with schnapps; a fire breathing, heady mix which must surely be the world's best ice breaker.

The yelpers chatted amongst themselves and took in the wondrous caricatures of famous politicians which adorn the walls of Gay Hussar; the sometimes cruel, yet uncanny, humorous works of Martin Rowson.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Biography of Victor Sassie

Victor Sassie. Even now, decades after his retirement, his name is synonymous with Gay 
Hussar. Most people know of his character, his larger than life personality, his penchant for 
ordering for customers… 


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Recipe: Perfect French Bread

Walk into Gay Hussar and you will see that we always have fresh bread ready to serve with
all of our meals. Bread is an integral part of the Hungarian diet, most likely because we like
to mop up every last bit of goulash!

There are few simple pleasures in life that give the level of satisfaction, and heavenly smell,
that comes from baking bread. Here is a recipe, perfect to serve alongside salads and lighter
dishes as we enjoy the last moments of summer.