Monday, 3 November 2014

Traditional Hungarian Goulash Recipe

Last week we saw Carlos making Gay Hussar's famous veal goulash, and as great as it is to see the main man at work, boy is it difficult to keep track of quantities. Luckily, he was feeling kind and decided to share the exact recipe for veal goulash.

Now the nights are drawing in, there is nothing better than to warm your cockles with a heart portion of this. Alternatively, cook up a large pot and serve at a dinner party; we promise that your friends will be impressed!

Serves 4

700g veal, large cubes
30g plain flour
1 large onion, finely chopped,
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
olive oil
2 tbsp tomato puree
1 tsp chicken bouillon
1 green pepper, sliced
2 fresh tomatoes, chopped
1 red pepper, slices
400ml water
large handful of flat leaf parsley, finely chopped
salt and pepper
150ml sour cream

1. In a large sauce pan, add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and the garlic and onion. Allow to sautee for 5 minutes, until the onion turns translucent.
2. Add the veal in batches, and cook off until it turns caramelised around the edges.
3. Add the chicken bouillon, water, salt and pepper and tomato puree. Add the all important paprika.
4. Reduce the heat, pop a lid and allow to simmer away for a couple of hours until the veal is very tender when poked. Make a paste by adding the flour to a small bowl together with a couple of tablespoons of water. Mix together and add to the pot.
5. Finish off by adding the pepper and tomatoes. Cook for a further 10 minutes. Check the seasoning.
6. Just before you serve, stir through the parsley and sour cream.
7. Ideally serve with gubluska. Alternatively serve with rice.

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